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Pre-Stained Wood Siding in North Vancouver

Pre-Stain Coating

The Fisher tradition is based on using advanced coating systems in which we prime, paint or stain the finest quality wood products in a timely, cost effective and controlled environment. The result of our process is a high quality, finished product, ready for application.

Your home is an important part of your identity, so choose a pre-finished siding option that shows how creative and unique you are. Fisher Coating specializes in pre-finishing wood products for your home’s exterior to stand out and look amazing. If you live in North Vancouver, call us to get started.


Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, your project can benefit from professionally pre-stained wood siding from Fisher Coatings.

Benefits of Our Prefinished Wood

Because we offer pre-stained wood siding and soffit, when you work with us, installation is extremely quick and easy. You don’t have to wait for wood materials to be finished on site nor risk delays due to improper coating applications. Our coatings for wood siding and soffit can also increase fire-resistance and improve durability, so you can enjoy beautiful, protected wood siding for years to come.

If your existing wood siding is damaged by anything, or it begins to show its age, it can be easily and quickly replaced with new Fisher Coatings pre-finished siding. Also, for those who care about going green, wood is the ultimate material to reduce your carbon footprint and take care of the environment.

We’ll work with you to determine which wood you would like and which stain looks best with your project. Our work is totally customizable, so we know you’ll be satisfied with the end result. Plus, Fisher Coatings can colour match virtually anything with a reasonable sample to work from, so the sky really is the limit.

Benefits of Working With Us

Fisher Coating started out as a painting service primarily serving customers from North Vancouver to Whistler. We have since evolved and grown into an automated pre-stain manufacturing company serving customers across western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest. We’ve been in the coating industry for over 20 years now, so our experience allows us to give you the highest quality results possible.

Our 22,000 square-foot facility allows us to quickly and efficiently get your job done, no matter the range or scope of the work. If you want prefinished wood siding in North Vancouver, call us today at 604.628.0272.


⦁ Clear Coatings
⦁ Semi-Transparent Coatings
⦁ Clear Fire Coatings
⦁ Custom Coatings

Benefits of Pre-Stain

Factory finishing costs 40% less than on-site finishing
⦁ Reduces the chance of weather delays
⦁ Coating is applied in a controlled environment, whereas variable weather conditions can lead to less desirable coating conditions and subsequent performance
⦁ Creates a uniform coating thickness, whereas variable coating thickness can cause premature coating failure

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