a better way to finish

Pure Soffit Series

Enhance Your Project

 Offered in both modern Fineline and traditional V Groove profiles Fisher’s Pure Soffit is produced in a wide range of colours and is the ideal option to beautify your project as either an exterior soffit or interior ceiling/wall covering.                                                                                                               

Fisher factory applies our environmentally friendly low VOC coating using Fisher’s proprietary Complete Coverage System™ to ensure all surfaces, including the tongue and groove, are properly covered and beautifully protected.   Fisher complete cover helps ensure trouble free installation and a longer lasting fit and finish.

Pure Soffit is available in British Columbia milled end matched 1x6 & 1x4 STK KD Pine and is ideal for a wide range of Single Family, Multi-Family and Commercial Projects





Pure Soffit

a better way to finish

pre-finish solutions for a wide range of projects