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TrueGrain Series

Enhance Your Project

Enhance you project with the look of real wood without the maintenance.

TrueGrain Series™ utilizes an advanced coating system on James Hardie Fibre Cement products to achieve depth and contrast that will make your project unique and beautiful, with the durability of cementitious siding.

TrueGrain™ by design represents the best features of professionally finished natural wood siding.   Similar to natural wood siding TrueGrain’s beauty is in the variety of substrate grain patterns and colour tones achieved through the stain application process.

TrueGrain Series

James Hardie Substrates Warranty

James Hardie provides a 30-year substrate warranty on their cementitious products.
The application of Fisher Coating products does not alter the James Hardie substrate warranty.

Specific James Hardie substrate warranty information for your region can be found below.

More Info  James Hardie Warranty

TrueGrain Coatings Warranty

Fisher Coating applies a series of solid and semi-transparent OEM coatings to James Hardie substrates to produce the TrueGrain Series. Fisher Coating Ltd.’s warranty covers the coatings portion of the product only and is a prorated, transferable, 15 years.

Download TrueGrain Warranty

Color Caulking & Trim Match


TrueGrain West Coast Grey                              Quadmax 219
TrueGrain Sepia                                                    Quadmax 288
TrueGrain Chris Craft                                         Quadmax 288
TrueGrain Cedartone                                          Quadmax 224
TrueGrain Night Rider                                       Quadmax 201
TrueGrain Weathered Wood                            Quadmax 513
TrueGrain Empire Gray                                      Quadmax 219
TrueGrain Shou Sugi Ban                                  Quadmax 009
TrueGrain Autumn                                               Quadmax 221

a better way to finish

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